Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 260: On the Rise - A$AP Rocky with "Goldie" (Prod. by Hit-Boy) **NSFW**

A$AP Rocky - Goldie

- NSFW sorta.. I warned you

"And I'm so bout it bout it I might roll up in a tank..." - A$AP Rocky #MakeEmSayUhhh

Ever since I saw A$AP Rocky and his crew perform at Coachella, my ears have been tuning more & more to his style of rap music. With that in mind, I've kept tabs on his recent activity and found he came out with this  Hit-boy produced tracked. Of course you're gonna get a banger when you team up one of the hottest beat-makers right now with a rising star reppin Harlem.

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While A$AP reps New York, his rap style has some of that Texas flavor in it (the chopped-n-screwed / slow motion stuff) so I dug a bit deeper to see where his "Trilla" attitude came from... then I found this interesting read here.

You can judge for yourself about how rappers take away slang from the mid-west and fuse it with their music, but hey it works. This happens everywhere with every genre so it's all about adapting and creating a new sound, which I applaud A$AP and others for doing.

I mean, hip-hop/rap is falling second to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) so I feel like this will provide a spark for the genre. Something new, something fresh. What do you think?

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