Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 252: At the end of the day.. "Nobody's Perfect" - J.Cole x Missy Elliot (Music Video)

J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect ft. Missy Elliot

- Alt Audio Link

"This is for all the fans that waited, the bitch n*ggas that hated; 
Old hoes we dated, look mama, we made it.."
- J. Cole

J. Cole is among one of my favorite artists from the new generation of raps these days, and adding Missy Elliot to this track makes it such a hit. I'm really diggin the drum beat and guitar melody too.. a hard yet smooth sound. I can level with this.. #nobodysperfect

Btw, this is featured on The Sideline Story so go get a copy if you haven't by now.


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