Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 237: Jay-Z live at "Watch The Throne Tour" in Staples Center LA (Events)

12-12-11: I got a chance to go see Jay-Z and Kanye West while they were in LA last Monday on their Watch The Throne Tour. Above is a video I took of one of my favorite Jay-Z tracks from a while back called "Dirt Off Your Shoulders"

This was probably one of the dopest concerts I've been to so far: great transitions from song to song, awesome stage & lighting/special effects, and they did all their top hits from past to current (solo & together).

The sh*t did get cray at the end of the show as (that day) they set the record of doing that song ("N*ggas in Paris") 9 times in a row. I laughed for a bit that they actually did it but I went with it anyways. Song is mad catchy and easily energizes the crowd.

Here are a few good pics I took:

http://daysofj.blogspot.com, Jay-Z and Kanye

http://daysofj.blogspot.com, Jay-Z & Kanye at Staples LA (Watch The Throne Tour)

How can you not be amazed when you see these two together in the same building? #EPIC

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