Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 214: New D.Rose Commercial - The Bull ft. beatz by araabMuzik (Videos)

I'm not tryin to drop a promo for these Adidas shoes b/c they are kinda ugly to me. I really want to focus on how dope this commercial is. What makes it dope is.. well 2 things: The cool imagery & sick moves by Derrick Rose and the awesome instrumental beat.

If you are a music/hip-hop head then you must be wondering, who composed the beat? Well, its none other than the one & only araabMuzik. I recently saw this video about him and never really realized how supernaturally-talented he is on the MPC. Check out this recent video of him below:

Watching stuff like this keeps me motivated. Still on my road to learning music in hopes of making dope-sounding beats like araabMuzik and many others beat producers I'm following #inspired

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