Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 209: Back to the Future II - Marty Mcfly's Nikes for Sale! (Pic + Video)

- Marty McFly's Nike Mags from Back to the Future II (No, they don't include power-laces)

Believe it or not, these shoes are actually going on sale right now. Check it out:

>>> Limited-Edition-2011-NIKE-MAG

Last time I checked, these sneakers were going for $75K #CRAZY .. #DISGUSTING .. #SOMEONEBUY4ME !!

You probably have until the end of today to buy them, so if you are filthy rich and have nothing better to spend your money on then... F--- YOU!!! #spreadthewealth

Don't worry, there's a handful more going on sale too. More details on these limited edition shoes here: Kicksonfire

Here's a funny commercial with Kevin Durant promoting these shoes:

When they come out with the power-laces then I'll think about saving my money for those. =P

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