Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 247: Happy bday to J Dilla, a Hip-Hop genius (Tribute)

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Happy bday to J Dilla. He was a musical genius, a Hip-Hop architect, and one of the greatest beat-makers there ever lived. He was so insanely-talented at making hip-hop beats and cutting/mixing samples that people considered him "alien." Like he was from another planet or something to come up with the beats he created.

For those in New York, there will be a tribute party for J Dilla called Donuts are Forever happening on Feb 19th. It looks like this has been happening for a while as this will be the 6th year they've held this tribute for J Dilla. I encourage everyone in NY to go, especially if you love hip-hop or just music in general.

More info here: hiphopwired.com

RIP J Dilla.


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